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So, about me then!

Years ago, I’ve stumbled upon photography. It didn’t take too long for me to recognise that I loved all the little numbers, the changing light and the post processing. To this day I still love all of that, a lot.

I’ve spend a good six years in formal photographic education, which shaped me a lot. Internships at very successful commercial photographers taught me to get it all right. No fakery in computers, take your time to create a real photograph. It may be a hassle, it may cause headaches, but the end result will be so much better.

Next to that, I firmly believe that a great photograph is made in collaboration, be it the person being portrayed or the company that needs new images. That’s why I always aim for a workflow where communication is key, so the highest value images are created.

So whether you need a portrait, an amazing product photograph or any other image, feel free to send me an email! I will happily help in the process!


Contact information


Thomas de Wit

dewitphoto is a registered company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, number 65266129.


dewitphoto is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands


General Inquiries

For general inquiries, feel free to contact me through the email address above or by using the contact form down below.

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